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 Textile Evolution

Liz Kettle Artist, Author and Creator of the Stitch Meditation process

Do you love to sew but constantly find yourself in a battle with your sewing machine?

Just what is the deal with tension anyway?

Have you purchased those beautiful rayon and sparkly threads but find them frustrating to use?

Are you confused about which threads to use when?  And what about those needles??

Threads 101 is the class every seamstress, quilter and crafter needs to develop superpower stitch skills and rule over their sewing kingdoms. You will be Queen of your Machine!

We begin with a review of the need to know but, maybe never learned them all, basics of thread, needles, stabilizers, fusible webs, and sewing machine tension. Then we take what we know and start to break the rules a little: sewing with our tension a wee bit off for fun effects, putting heavy threads in the bobbin, exploring how many ways we can appliqué and getting creative with edge finishes.

We will work small on sample ‘pages’ so you can experiment and play with techniques without a huge investment in materials. You should be able to find most of what you need in your stash already. My book, Threads: the Basics and Beyond is recommended but not required.

Are you ready to become Queen of your Machine? 

A little different way of pricing…

When I was trying to decide how much I should price my new on-line Threads Workshop Series I asked students, friends, other teachers and a smattering of business women for suggestions. I got responses that spanned from $30-$197.

That was less than helpful!

I went round and round in my head knowing what the value is and also knowing that I wanted to make at least the Threads 101 class accessible to as many people as possible because the information is so important to successful sewing.

As many of you know I am an avid researcher and of course checked to see what other classes were going for. No real help there either as the price span was about the same range.

While I was in the midst of this dilemma I was headed for a meeting at a coffee house I had never been to before and I was in the car so I did a google map search for it (while stopped at a traffic light of course). My search brought up Seeds Community Café instead of 50/50 Coffee House where I wanted to go. Mumbling “stupid google” I searched again. I got the same results! I managed to find my way to 50/50 but kept thinking about Seeds where customers pay what they can.  I have never been there but the idea has always intrigued me.

The next morning I headed to Denver for a Creative Mornings Event. This month the talk was about the environment and the two speakers were discussing bees. It was a great talk and you can see it here

Two social entrepreneurs, Aaron Makaruk and Tristin Copley Smith shared their open sources beehive project and talked about their belief in open source and how it will change our world. I have always loved the idea of open source and have taken free on-line college courses, used open source software and creative commons photographs. My brain was literally abuzz (pun intended) with their ideas on the way home.

And then it hit me! Maybe those two knocks from the universe the previous day putting Seeds Community Café in my brain and this Open Source discussion could be applied to my on-line classes!!

I know what my class is worth. I know how much time and money I invested in getting The Creativity Playground up and running.

I know that not everyone who needs it can pay that much.

I know some people can pay more and help someone else out.

I may not do this for every course but I feel very strongly that this class should be available to everyone. 

So, here is what I came up with:

Threads Basic Subscription:  $7 

You get the entire course for 6 months. If you don’t finish in 6 months you can sign up again for $7.

Threads Single Subscription$27

You get the entire course with unlimited access to the class with no time limits

Threads Buy One Give One: $47

You get unlimited access to the class for yourself with no time limits and you donate $20 to upgrade someone who can only afford the basic subscription to a Single Subscription

Threads Buy One Give Two:  $67

You get unlimited access to the class for yourself with no time limits and you you donate $20 to upgrade two people who can only afford the basic subscription to a Single Subscription. 

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