Composition, Design and the Creative Process:
Understanding the basics principles of Composition and Design are key to developing your quilt art skills. This presentation demystifies these principles and explains with examples just what makes a great composition and how to include design thinking in your creative process.

Authentic Stitch: finding your heart in art and craft
In order to find something, anything, you must set out on a journey of exploration, ask questions and face uncertainty. In this lecture we will look at the legends and myths we have created around the terms art and craft; myths that have fueled the debate over what is art and what is craft. We will ask where does quilting and needlework fit in? Just what is art quilting anyway and where do you fit in? Further explorations will have us consider the differences and similarities among perfection, mastery and expression. Using examples from my own stitch journey I will share with you my failures, successes and the answers that helped me discover the heart of my art.

Metallic Woes and Rayon Curses:
Fear thread no more! Liz Kettle will be sharing her secrets to success with thread in any stitching situation. A whirlwind tour of thread basics; fiber content, size, needles and tension will unlock the doors to the delicious world of thread drawing, painting, free motion quilting and embroidery. Cotton, rayon, silk and metallic threads will all bow to your every wish and command…you will be a stitching queen!

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