These class offerings are all focused on thread and stitch skills. Confident students create customers who love what they do and are enthusiastic to try new products as they build their stash of supplies.

Abstract landscapes in Fiber: (4 hour class)

With inspiration taken from the colors and textures of the land that surrounds us we transform scraps of fabric, fibers and yarns into landscapes that beg to be touched and explored. Heat shrinking thread is the secret tool we utilize to create the luscious texture in these small art works. Beads and hand stitching add enchantment and delight to each abstract fiber painting. These pieces can be matted and framed, incorporated into a larger mixed media piece or used as embellishment on art clothing, jewelry or bags. 

Stitch Dancing: (full day class – 8 hours)

Stitching and beading on silk ribbons and fibers lighter than air seems impossible but these ephemeral thread lace embroideries are quite simple to create…but, shush...let’s keep that little bit to ourselves and let everyone think we have special fairy stitching talents. In this class we will create these magical embroideries with free motion sewing machine stitching and simple hand embroidery stitches. This class is suitable for beginners and up. Even if you have never done any free motion sewing you can do this.

Needle Felted Mini Journal: (full day class- 6-8 hours)

Texture rules in this mini journal! We begin with a combination of machine and hand needle felting using wool, silk, velvet, fibers, yarns, ribbon, cheesecloth and roving to create a luscious textured surface. Simple hand embroidery stitches taught with a twist are our next avenue of exploration as we add a delightful layer of texture, color, pattern and design. Your beautiful textured fabric will then be used to create a mini watercolor journal. I love to give options so if journals don’t excite you then you can create a small wallet for gift or business cards, a small evening bag or add your fabric to the front of a larger evening bag or it can even become a notebook cover. (Needle Felting machines available for class use)

Fiber Art Pins (4 hour class)

Learn quick and sassy techniques for making funky or sophisticated lapel pins. Use burn out techniques on acrylic felt to start your art piece then add lots of machine stitched thread and finish with beaded embellishment. For beginners with some free stitching experience and beyond. You will be able to complete one or two pins in class depending on how fast you sew and how much you embellish.

Stitch Journeys (3 day workshop)

Do you hear the siren song of all those fabulous specialty threads urging you to take them home to play with? Do those same luscious threads leave you frustrated and annoyed?

Do you have a head full of creative ideas but just aren’t sure how to get the look you want? Do you want to feel confident in your skills when you sit in front of your sewing machine? Then this workshop is for you.

In this class you will begin a reference sample workbook, your “Passport”. This fantastic little fabric book is a tool that you will find yourself referring to again and again. We will start with some basic guidelines for needles, threads and stabilizers, and learn how to tame the dreaded tension issues that make us want to tear out our hair. Once we have mastered the basics we will start to play; learning how to use those heavy threads in the bobbin, play with our stitches—finding new uses for even the most ordinary stitch, discover thread drawing and dabble in thread painting both with thread and mixed media materials. Last but not least we will venture into the realm of water soluble stabilizers to uncover the creative embroidery adventures waiting for us there.

In this comprehensive workshop you will gain mastery of your machine and free yourself of any stitch fears you have. You will develop the confidence to tackle any unruly thread and fill your creative tool box full of fabulous techniques. This class is for beginners and up. You do not need a fancy machine with all the latest bells and whistles. You do need a basic understanding of your machine and the ability to drop or cover the feed dogs. 

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