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Sneak Peek - Fabric Embellishing

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Today's Sneak Peek photos are from Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond.  I am co-author with 3 other very talanted artists. We worked in a 'sampler' method so you could try lots of techniques without committing to a big project. Each 8"x10" page shows a feature technique and then we embellished the pages to create little pieces of art. The first photo is from our 'hard' embellishment section. It features metal embossing, stitching on metal and image transfers on metal  I totally love this technique for a  vintage tintype look. Transfer Artist Paper works like a dream.

fab. emb_edited-2

We had another glorious day of blue skies and sun so these silk cocoon and silk rod flowers just begged to be seen. Nothing takes color like silk cocoons and rods. They are fun to work with and no one can quite figure out how you made these.  The flower stems were made from ripped strips of fabric very casually free motion stitched down. Any of you like ripping fabric as much as I do? I love that frayed edge. I especially love ripping frays so gloriously. I will leave  you with a photo of the pins I taught at Quilt Festival last year in the Cloth Paper Scissors classroom.

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