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Let's Make Pillows!

reading nook blog

this reading nook in my new house was begging for a bunch pillows- before photo at the end of the post

Most of you probably don’t know this but I used to work for an interior designer making drapes and pillows. Drapes stressed me out a bit… 1/2” too long on a lined and interlined drape was a nightmare to fix and 1/2” too short was a disaster. But, I loved making pillows. We used lots of fun trims and created complicated designs. It was so much fun to work with incredible fabrics.

My personal design taste is a lot simpler these days and with a new house I am excited to create a bunch of throw pillows. Pillows are such an easy way to change the look and feel of a room and are super easy to make….even with a zipper. I have a few tricks I learned in my design workroom days though that will help you make professional looking pillows.

Supplies and notes:


found these awesome fabrics at Michaels Craft Store


You will need some home décor weight fabric. Lighter weight quilting cottons don’t hold up to a lot of wear and tear but are fine to use if they won’t be involved in pillow fights. I found some great 100% cotton home décor fabrics at Michaels. Not all stores carry these fabrics but they also have a wide selection on-line. Here is a link to the stores with an expanded fabric selection.

I always prewash and machine dry my home décor fabrics. Between coffee spills, pets and kids I want to know I can wash my pillow covers. Pre-washing takes care of any shrinkage so you don’t end up with a too small pillow cover down the road. I also want to see how the fabrics fare in the washer. Some will have some minor scuffs from the washing and drying process…I love that it gives the fabrics a not so new look. If you have a more formal style you may want to dry clean your fabrics and in that case don’t need to prewash.

If you think you will be making a bunch of pillows, a quilting type ruler will help a lot to get lines straight even when cutting with scissors. I use the clear rulers for so many tasks that aren’t even sewing related! I don't know what I would do without one.  A rotary cutter and mat is a tool you will use for so many sewing tasks so they are a worthwhile investment. Put it on your wish list if you don’t have one yet.

Plump or squishy?  

If you want a plump pillow cut the fabric the same size as the pillow form. If you want a squishy pillow, cut the fabric ½” – 1” bigger than the pillow form.

  • 1.25 - 1.5 yards of 45” wide fabric is enough for two 20” X 20” pillows…adjust amount according to your needs
  • Pillow forms in the desired size
  • All purpose zippers
  • Cotton or Poly-cotton sewing thread
  • Sewing machine with primary foot and zipper foot
  • Scissors
  • Quilting ruler or yard stick
  • Rotary cutter and mat (optional)
  • Tailor’s chalk

All seams are sewn at ½”

Time to make some pillows!

Step 1:

Iron your fabric to eliminate any wrinkles. Use a rotary cutter and mat to cut your fabric down to the desired size. If you don’t have a rotary cutter and mat, use a ruler and tailors chalk to draw your cutting line and use scissors to cut.

Step 2: Dog ear adjustment

This simple trick I learned in the workroom produces professional looking pillows and eliminates dog ear corners. I made a cardboard template because I was making so many pillows but you don’t need one…though they are handy. The math is pretty simple.

Place the fabric squares wrong sides together unless it is easier to mark on the back of the fabric and then you can place them right sides together.

Measure the width of your fabric and divide by 4.

On my 20” x 20” pillow I cut the fabric 21” but to make the math easier we can use the 20” number.

20 divided by 4 = 5” That is where we will start to trim the corners. 

pillow tutorial 2 blog

Place a mark on your pillow corner ½” in from the edge with the tailor’s chalk or pen


pillow tutorial 3 blog

Angle your ruler from the 5” mark on the edge to the ½” mark. I usually mark it with a pin or a pen.

Trim off the edge with your rotary cutter or mark the line with tailor’s chalk and cut with scissors


how to mark for dog ear adjustment 2 blog

 If that isn’t clear, this image with the ruler laid on top of the cut corners helps to clarify the narrow triangle you are cutting off the fabric.

how to mark for dog ear template blog

I made a template out of cardboard to streamline the process. I marked it for 4 common pillow sizes: 18”, 20”, 22” and 26”. I think it is well worth the time to make, I have been using mine for 15 or more years.


Step 3-the zipper

Your zipper should be 3-4” shorter than the width of the fabric. At the end of this tutorial I have a short video about how to shorten a longer zipper. You can use a smaller zipper in a pinch but it may be more difficult to insert your pillow form.

Lay the zipper on the edge of your fabric. Mark the zipper placement with pins. Note you want to mark close to where the zipper head is not the end of the zipper tape.

pillow tutorial 4 blog


We are going to mark the zipper placement in the pillow by basting in one seam on the bottom edge of the pillow. If you have a directional print decide which seam will be at the bottom of the pillow. If your print isn’t directional just pick a side.

Go to your sewing machine and stitch from the edge to the first pin using a normal stitch length. Remove the pin and adjust the stitch to a longer stitch length. This will be easier to remove later. When you get to the second pin, remove the pin and adjust back to a normal stitch length. Stitch to the end.

Press the seam flat and then press it open. Note that because of the slight curve at the edges the fabric will not be flat. This is normal.

pillow tutorial 5 blog



pillow tutorial 6 blog

Lay your zipper (zipper pull face down- toward the seam) directly on the seam line, centering it. Pin in place on one side. 

pillow tutorial 7 blog

Use your zipper foot to stitch along the pinned edge of the zipper. Don’t forget to move the needle over to the proper position for the zipper foot. I kept forgetting and broke at least 2 needles. Remove pins as you get to them.

pillow tutorial 7.5 blog

When you reach the end, pivot the foot 90degrees and stitch very slowly across the end of the zipper. I usually turn the fly wheel by hand to stitch through the zipper teeth.

pillow tutorial 8 blog

Pivot the foot another 90degrees and stitch down the other side of the zipper.

pillow tutorial 9 blog

Use a seam ripper to remove the stitches over the zipper and then open the zipper up. Don’t forget this step.

Return to your sewing machine and stitch around the remaining 3 sides of the pillow. Press the seams flat. Then press open. This will help create nice flat side seams.

pillow tutorial 10 blog

If desired, ziz-zag stitch or serge the seam edges to prevent fraying.

pillow final tiny

Press flat again and then insert your pillow form. 


reading nook before blog

The before photo of the reading nook


How to shorten a zipper- a quick little video







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Crazy Big News!

moving to wash

Out of the desert into the rain forest!


We have lived in Monument, CO since 1991. In the same house for those 29 years. Like many of you when COVID-19 hit we had some time to think about where we live, why we live here and ask is our life exactly how we want it to be?  Turned out the answer was: we are ready for a change. The little town of Monument has grown and we much prefer small town living. 

Upon reflection, the only things truly tying us to CO Springs and Monument other than friends and family was my position as of director of Textiles West. Well, Textiles West has closed,…a casualty of COVID. My husband can work from anywhere and he requested to be closer to fishing water.  It just so happens that our oldest son and his family are surrounded by water and fish so we are headed to Bremerton, WA! 

I get to live close to my grandkids!

My studio will be in my new house instead of down the road. So excited about that.

We will have room for visitors.

I will live in an area where I can actually garden again.

We will be in WA for Christmas. We are so excited but currently drowning in a sea of boxes and packing tape. 




stitch med kit flat crop sm

Textile Evolution On-Line shopping Closing on Dec 5.

Order your Stitch Meditation kits, Art and Thermofax screens before 

Dec 5, 2020

Stitch Meditation kits and Art make great gifts!


personalize a gift with Thermofax screens. 

As I pack I have been putting aside little bits of fun stuff to add to orders so you will get a little surprise in your order!


Shop will reopen in January. 


Of course online classes are always available and we  have added some great dye classes with Melanie Audet and Boro with Ruth Chandler. 

I almost forgot to add that when the shop re-opens I will be carrying WonderFil Perle Cotton and Rayon.






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Did it! 100 days of the 100 Day Dress Challenge

Finished the 100 Day Dress Challenge one week ago. It was a crazy fun thing to do and I am glad I decided to take the challenge.  

last day

I have to say that getting dressed in the morning is suddenly a whole lot more difficult. During the challenge the only choice I had to make was what sweater or shirt layer I wanted to wear when it was cooler. I didn't actually get to spend much time accessorizing as I thought because I was mostly home during the pandemic and summer weather didn't call for much more than the dress itself. 

Laundry...ugh....back to the laundry grind. I still try to wear my clothes several times before washing but I have gotten away from wearing an apron when cooking and not as careful when eating and cleaning. Need to adopt the apron habit again! Beats washing clothes so often.


day 4 smaller

Some things I learned along the way

I have way too many clothes. They have been weighing me down visually and emotionally. I used to go into my closet and just feel .....uggh! It was a disaster. Not enough room, stuff all over the place. And, I always felt like I had nothing to wear! I did a whole closet clean out with the help of my friend Cecelia Harris. We pulled out every single garment and it went in a donate, re-purpose the fabric or keep pile. I got rid of half of what I owned and now when I walk into the closet I feel light and happy with how organized and tidy it is. Most of my clothes went to a community swap and it was really fun to see other folks loving the clothes I sent back out into circulation. 

I will shop differently from now on. I had a lot of clothes that I had purchased because they were on sale for a great price....many of them I wore only a couple time and some never because they didn't go with what I already had. My new rule is for every new thing that comes in, something has to go out.

No one noticed! People following me would ask how it was going but no one else noticed I was wearing the same dress every day.  

Dresses are way more comfortable than pants or shorts...especially when working at a desk all day. 


The Dress

I wore the Sierra Tank Dress fromWool&. 

The wool is a lightweight terry weave and super comfy. It did not itch or absorb odors. I was never too hot and it was easy to pair with leggings on cold days.  I washed it about every 4-5 days (cold water, hang to dry). 

The dress looks as good as when brand new and ready to take on another 100 days...though maybe not in a row this time. 

I wrote to Wool& to ask about their fabric choice. The dress is merino wool, nylon and spandex. Here is what they said:

We use nylon in some of our fabrics for a few reasons. Although wool by itself has a plethora of performance factors, it sometimes needs a boost of durability in lighter weight fabrics and constructions to give it the longest lifespan. We run all of our designs through filters of sustainability AND durability to create the best, most versatile product in the end. As for 22% nylon, this is because we use a patented spinning process with nylon wrapped on the outside of the merino core yarn. This creates a fabric with outstanding pill-resistance which still looks great after years of wear (hence the 100 day challenge!). The spandex in this case is for stretch retention and construction of the overall French Terry fabric

Sustainability well thought out. I love this thinking.

You will see me in this dress again....well made, comfortable and it has pockets!



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Day 75 of the 100 Day Dress challenge

Wow! This summer is flying by! Anyone else feel the same way? 

day 35 tiny

I can't believe it is already day 75 of wearing the same dress every day. I have learned some interesting things along the way

1- it has been much easier than I thought. There is a simplicity around starting the day that I have really enjoyed. 

2-I didn't get to play with styling much as I thought I would because I didn't get to go out much…I am sure you can relate! Also, it isn't really scarf weather…I have a lot of scarves because I love fabric so much. This is sort of an ah-ha for me…less clothes, more scarves!

2- I really don't need or even want all the clothes I have. A couple friends have been sending me pics of new garments to purchase when I am done but I am not even tempted.


Day 62 tiny

3-The closet makeover was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I love walking into my closet every day and seeing it clean and tidy with space for everything to breathe! So many clothes to release. Video link coming soon. 

4-The closet clean-out has inspired me to move into other areas of the house to get rid of stuff that is just stuff. We have lived in this house for 29 much stuff just because we had room for it. Don’t even ask how many sport water bottles we had.

5-No one notices….or maybe they are too polite to ask?  More like no one cares. My husband noticed only because I started taking pictures of myself all the time. People who know about the challenge ask because they can’t believe I am not sick of it.

5- Dresses in the summer are the way to go unless you are weeding the garden and getting muddy.  This wool dress is way more comfortable and cooler than most of my shorts and crop pants paired with tees. 

6- Taking a photo every day is hard for reveals just how much time I spend at the computer.

7- This wool dress is amazing for travel, baby proof, long enough for swings and sitting in the grass with kids.  

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Day 11 of the 100 Day Dress challenge

day 4 smaller


11 days in...89 more to go! I have to say wearing the same dress every day hasn't been too boring so far. It has been cool so I have changed it up with different sweaters and added leggings on our recent snow day.

Of course, I did drop chocolate on it the very first day and had to do a quick spot clean but it all came out. 

the one thing that still surprises me is when I go into the closet after my shower and think...what shall I wear today....oh yeah....I don't need to think about it! Funny how we are such creatures of habit.

Some things that have popped up for me:

What else in my closet have I worn more than 11 times? There are quite a few basics I wear all the time but boy is there a lot of stuff I don't wear very often that is cluttering up the space.

An apron is a very good thing! I used to wear an apron all the time but over the years got lazy about it....I have a washing machine and am quite addicted to using it often. But I know I have ruined quite a few T-shirts from wearing while cooking and getting all splattered with grease (bacon!). 

I wash my clothes way too much.  I try to wear everything twice before I wash it (unmentionables excluded of course). But, I have only washed the dress every 4-5 days and it hasn't suffered and no one is running away screaming because of the stench. Wool does breath and wear really well. 

For those of you is a lightweight wool knit. Even after a day sitting at my desk the wrinkles just hang out on their own.

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The 100 Day Dress Challenge

 wool dress package

The 100 Day Dress Challenge!

I am taking on the Wool& 100 Day Dress Challenge!
I will be wearing the same wool dress for 100 days!
YES! you read that right....100. DAYS! 8 hours a day.
The. Same. Dress. Every. Day.

100 Days!
June 1- Sept 8 2020

You ask...Have I lost my mind staying home for 11 weeks.....

 Yes, I admit it is a bit crazy but, the dress does have pockets!

Actually, for the last 6 months, our Textiles West team has been considering the question, how does someone change from a Standard American Wardrobe to a healthier, cleaner wardrobe and home decor that is better for the planet, our bodies and our budgets. We had some ideas but nothing that clicked.

With more time to peruse social media while staying at home, I stumbled across this interesting challenge on Instagram. Holy Cow! This sounds like a fun and somewhat crazy way for us to raise awareness of the massive impact of the textile industry production and waste.

I did take more than 10 seconds to think about this and I didn't commit until the dress arrived. I am not sure it is going to be very easy...what if I can't do it? Yikes! I grew up wearing a uniform from kindergarten thru high school and there were some things I really liked about wearing a uniform. There is the added benefit of less what the heck...I have nothing to lose.

But, here is the reason I am taking this challenge, textile pollution is real, it is massive and quite frankly it is a women's issue. We had a hand in creating this crisis and we need to fix it. But we can have fun at the same time. So, I am taking the challenge. Along the way we will be talking about how to create a friendly textile home and having a closet makeover (getting rid of the stuff that is just hanging around) and beginning to sew up a capsule wardrobe that is functional, fits me and is made from sustainable fabrics.

I want to inspire you to create a more sustainable textile home and make it fun and easy so we will be sharing tips along the way and the first one is don't wash your clothes so much! Try to wear each garment twice or more before you wash it. See....less easy.

Check out Wool& site




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Are you Doing the 'Check-in'

It is always weird when something one does so naturally is sought after by others or when you find out that friends, especially close friends don’t do what you find such a basic part of your day. It makes you feel a bit like a freak! 

I have recently realized that I naturally do the ‘check-in’ on a consistent daily basis in one form or another and that many other people rarely do the 'check-in'. This boggles my mind! 

I thought everyone did regular check-ins.

The realization came to me as two more people asked me to help them do the ‘check-in’ in their studio space to help them be more orgnaized, professional and creative. Conversations with friends made me realize they don’t check in with their bodies or their spaces either.

You may be asking what is a 'check-in'?

A check-in is simply that…taking time to check in with why something is working, isn’t working or could be improved. I guess it could be a form of mindfullness. Maybe it is just an awareness.

When I walk into my studio, my office, my house, the Thread Lab, and even Cottonwood Center for the Arts I do a quick mental check-in to see if things are working well or if there is an annoyance that can be improved. What has been undone for so long that I no longer see it? 

I started this when I was managing a Pier 1 store way back in the day. It takes a bit of mindfulness to remember to do this and to be able to look at a space you enter every day with fresh eyes.

As an artist it is an excellent skill to cultivate!

Sometimes it means taking a look at why I am not doing something I want to do. Recently, I realized that I was spending less time with my stitch meditations. I checked-in and saw that the space wasn’t working for the inward focused task. You can see that quite clearly…

stitch meditation space 1 of 3

What a mess...there is stuff everywhere. Piles on all the windowsills, on the plant stand, and on the floor. Where did I put those scissors?

stitch meditation space 2 of 3

Fabrics and cool bits are all jumbled in a basket getting all smooshed and wrinkled, threads are everywhere! 

I did a little reorganization and now the space is welcoming and makes me want to sit and stitch.

stitch meditation space 3 of 3

All the fabrics are sorted by size-no longer a wrinkled mess, papers and cool bits are in a separate bin, I can even find my base flannel pieces! All the threads are on the top shelp with my scissors.

I do the same check-in with my body every day. What feels good, what feels less than great, am I tired, achy, how is my energy level? I don’t stop there though. I question why. Did I eat right today? Did I exercise enough? Did I get enough sleep?  Maybe this is because I was so sick for so long and it is partly by asking these questions daily that I was able to figure out what foods make me sick and which ones don’t.

I do the same thing with my emotional state….how do I feel? Am I on top of things or feeling overwhelmed? Why might I feel that way and what thoughts do I need to look at changing in order to get back to happy?

Check-ins are a huge part of self-care whether we are talking about your space or your health.

Have you done a check in lately? The winter solstice is a great day to schedule a check-in!

My check-in today is telling me I need to clean out my email in-box. :-) 

I have a gift for you to help increase your mindfulness and gratitude practices in 2016. 30 days of Gratitude texts from the gratitude coach, Terza Ekholm. 

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The First 100 Days ~ Stitch Meditation

The First 100 Days ~ Stitch Meditation

stitch meditation1

Today is day 100 of my friend Deb Prewitt's 100 Days to 100% challenge! I took on the challenge of doing a stitch meditation every day. If you have been following along you know I didn't stitch every day and have not achieved my 100% goal.  I did make great progress towards my goal of taking time to slow down and stitch or just be every day.

The progress is what is important more than the 100%. 

I pushed through some layers of excuses along the way. 

stitch meditation3

I discovered ways around some stumbling blocks like not having everything ready to go ahead of time. I created a stitch basket and box that have lots of bits and leftovers that I find when I clean my studio up. Now, I have lots of ingredients for my daily stitch at hand so I can just sit down and grab some things and stitch.

I did not beat myself up when I didn't meet the daily challenge. Life is about flexibility and forgiveness.

stitch meditation

I did fall in love with the process of stitching small bits of things together. When I am not able to make the time to stitch I miss it! That means I am well on the way to making my stitch meditation practice a non-negotiable in my life. 

On some of the days that I couldn't stitch I did use a traditional guided meditation. Yay for me!

Tomorrow starts another 100 days. I will continue my stitch meditations and will add another challenge to myself. 

stitch meditation4

I think my new challenge will be a daily sketch. That will be challenging for me. Actually trying to do something every day in and day the real challenge. :-)

Want to play along? What will you challenge yourself to do during the next 100 days? Eat better, walk more, create something, love more? 

Leave a comment and share your goals.

Use the hastag #100daysto100% in your social media posts so we can cheer you on too.


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Ubuhle Women and their Beadwork

I have been in Northern VA the last 10 days teaching at Artistic Artifacts and getting ready for spring quilt market in Pittsburgh this upcoming weekend. On Mother's Day, me, Ruth Chandler, Judy Gula and her sister's family all trekked into Washington DC to the Anacostia Community Museum and were treated to a unique and amazing exhibit.

ubuhle women header

The exhibit is titled Ubuhle Women: Beadwork and the Art of Independence. Ubuhle means 'beauty' in the Xhosa and Zulu languages. We found both the beadwork and the women creating the art to truly be beautiful in every sense of the word.  I know my photos barely capture the details so if you get to the DC area before Sept 21, 2014 be sure to put this on your list.

IMG 7519 edited-1

ubuhle cross detailmagnificent panels joined to create a wall size installation.

Ubuhle is a former sugar plantation that has been transformed into a center of independence for rural women where they can learn traditional beading skills to support themselves.

ubuhle abstract sm1

ubuhle lg abstract

The beaded textiles are completed with simple Czech glass seed beads as whole cloth artworks. The artists call their pieces ndwango which translates loosely as rag or cloth. As is with the case with much textile art, these pieces take months complete and become imbued with the life joys and sorrows that each artist experiences in that time. You can feel their happiness and sadness as you soak in each beautiful piece.

ubuhle bull sm

ubuhle horn bull

The bull pieces were about 4' wide by 3' tall. We kept wondering how much each of these pieces weighed. Sorry about the blurry photos. The museum light was low and I didn't want to use a flash.

ubuhle water

As a fun little bonus there was a listing of beading resources available for the public and my book: First Time Beading on Fabric was among them! Me at the Smithsonian!

I am inspired to pull out the beads and get to work! How about you?

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Looking for July

Anyone seen July around? I remember turning the calendar page to July but the next thing I knew it was the middle of August already! School starting? Really?


Ruth and I both had tons of company...grandchildren on both fronts and a few other house guests too. It was lots of fun and much laughter was heard at both our homes.


We did get some great work done too!

I finished this piece which was accepted into the Standing on the Shoulders of Cowboys exhibit at Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs. That was an honor because of the amazing number of pieces that were submitted. This piece, titled Rust 'N' Dust is composed of rust dyed fabrics and machine embroidery on an organza layer.


rust n dust liz kettle


Ruth finished the final pieces for her new book Modern Hand Stitch the evening before she had hand surgery! Talk about a hard deadline. Her samples will amaze you and we will give you some sneak peeks over the coming weeks. Her book will be out later this fall.


Ruth has a bit of recuperation ahead of her so send her lots of healing energy. I know she can't wait to get back to stitching again.



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6 Miles of Seperation

I once again find myself living 6 miles from the edge of a major wild fire.

Yesterday the fire spread 8 miles is a few hours.

6 miles is too close.

6 miles is scary.


There is nothing between me and the edge of the fire but hundreds of acres of trees. Trees stressed by years of drought.


This is the photo I took yesterday at 3:30 just a couple hours after the fire started.


This is the photo I took when I picked my son up from his colleg class. Just 3 hours later.


Of course when disaster strikes close to home you make plans for evacuation. Photos and family history are packed. Actually, they have been packed since the Waldo Canyon fire last year. We didn't get enough snow or rain this last year to warrent unpacking. My art work is at the studio in Colorado Springs. We have talked about what things are the most important to bring. We have a plan.


A plan doesn't help with the helpless feeling as you watch homes being turned to ashes in minutes.


I went down to my basement studio to finish up some packing for a trip to the mountains this weekend and I had such a wave of sadness hit me. Sadness that all of my 'stuff' my art supplies, vintage fabrics, vintage papers, art papers, bits and bobs could all vanish in an instant. Totally out of my control. There would be no way to replace any of it. Insurance wouldn't even begin to cover the precious bits I have collected over the years. 


My sadness didn't last more than a couple minutes. I started sorting through some fabrics and quickly realized that it is all just 'stuff'. What is


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Spring Quilt Market review-Art Gallery Fabrics

Spring Quilt Market review-Art Gallery Fabrics

Ruth and I both adore Art Gallery Fabrics! The hand of these fabrics is simply amazing. The patterns are unique, cutting edge and the colors incredibly yummy! We did a video--correction LIZ did a video Ruth will not be held responsibile for this---of the beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics booth at Spring Quilt Market in Portland.


Vendors spend an incredible amount of time, energy and money to create a unique booth at quilt market. We thought you all might enjoy seeing it. Apologies for the video! Liz kept thinking she could re-orient the camera. She blames it on her enthusiam for showing you all how awesome their booth is.


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Creative Silk Challenge ~ Chase Away the Winter Blahs

Creative Silk Challenge ~ Chase Away the Winter Blahs

Liz Here ~

Are you ready to get back into the studio to play but find that you just don't have any ideas or motivation? That is what happens to us after the busy fall show season followed by the holidays. Ruth and I get the January creative blahs. We were thinking about this problem when we visited Treenway Silks recently where we became totally enamoured with their Creative Silk Packs. Such delicious colors and textures! Thus, our Winter Creative Challenge was born.

treenway berries     treenway green    treenway coastal


treenway midnight    treenway peach    treenway fields

Do you want to play with us? You can get your own yummy package of goodies from Blue Twig Studio or Treenway Silk.

The rules: In the spirit of keeping this totally fun and playful we don't have any rules! We do have a due date so we don't procrastinate know how that happens! Due by March 15. Get your Creastive Silk Pack and make something. Make a couple somethings. Share your photos with us and we will feature you and your work on our blog and Facebook. e-mail either of us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ruth picked the Wild Berries pack and of course I choose Eat your GreensI started playing with mine yesterday. When I opened my package it looked like this:

treenway silk pack green

So much possibility!

A few hours later it looked like this:

treenway silk pack phase 2

I added in some Treenway hand dyed silk ribbon. Then I started stitching but don't have a photo of that yet. I have to say I barely made a dent in the contents of the Creative Silk Pack so I know I will get at least 2 projects out of it. I wish the photos really showed how awesome the colors are.

We will both post photos of our progress.

So, come on...Jump in and play with us. Let's chase away the winter blahs together.

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Needle Felting Winner!

And we have a winner! The random number generator picked #3 That would be the lovely and talented  Jan DeBellis!! Jan and I first met IRL at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach. That was pretty funny since we both live in Colorado. I have e-mailed you Jan and your goodies will be in your hands very soon.

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Metal Play

Spring is a busy travel season for me and it seems like forever ago that I was in VA and taught my Metal Mesh Magic class at Artistic Artifacts. In fact it was exactly a month ago. We had so much fun with creating patterns on metal, using patinas, embossing an

d torching.

We made a bit of a mess everywhere as we learned how to transfer images and emboss. But what is creativity without a mess? We played with thin metal shim-colored and natural too.

We took full advantage of the amazing warehouse space to spread out our work as our patinas developed. It is much easier to work with Liver of Sulfur indoors when you have a really big space...not quite so stinky!

Most of the students had never used a torch before but once they tried it they were hooked! Many thanks to Carol Hamilton for allowing us to use her torches and for the safety lesson for everyone. Carol is an amazing jewelry artist. Check out her gallery.

I have a new piece that features metal mesh but it is for a special exhibit so I can't even give you a sneak peek yet. You will have to take my word that it is beautiful. :-) I am off to Barcelona Spain tomorrow to teach my three day intensive thread class, Stitch Journeys. When I get back I will catch you up on Art and Soul as well as my trip to Spain.

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On-line Classes--Tell me what you think...

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Fabric Embellishing Additions

The other project I spent finishing up last weekend was putting the edge finishes and tabs on some new pages for my Fabric Embellishing sampler. When we were writing the book Fabric Embellishing; the Basics and Beyond we didn't have time to make pages for some of the techniques that one of the other author's was writing so Ruth and I have been going back and creating some of those with variations from the originals in the book. A lot of the pages that I didn't get done previously were in the 'foundations' section of the book. This one featured above is weaving.

Here we have tucks. Don't you just love the mini pom pom trim? I had a lot of fun with this page seeing how this striped fabric would look tucked.

This is my Stitches and Bits page. I skipped the stitch part and just inserted lots of bits. The yellow strip is plastic kitchen lace (you know the stuff your produce comes bagged in). Just remember not to iron it!

This is my vintage take on the Fashion a frame page. I used a beautiful piece of silk paper in the windows and some vintage bits that seemed to be treasures the young woman in the photo would have kept. I used a hand dyed vintage tea towel for the base and added quite a bit of hand stitching.

This page was a sample that didn't make it into the final cut of Fabric Embellishing. It is a combination of paper, fabric and kitchen produce lace layered. The strips on the left are from a piece of sequin waste that I cut, overlapped and stitched down by machine. The edge finish is pieces of purple produce lace couched down around the edge. I love the little top piece that sticks up straight on the top.
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CHA Market Happenings

Journal dress detail

I have not been to CHA in Chicago in a few years (probably 6) and was sorry to see how much smaller it has gotten...a sign of the craft industry's struggles in a sluggish economy. But that doesn't mean the show didn't have some interesting offerings and beautiful visuals.

I really enjoyed the keynote presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Brown...who knew a Harvard Psychologist could be so funny? Dr. Brown's book, The Winner's Brain is on my reading list.  I am a bit of a brain and body function geek as most of you know and I fully believe that you can change both to create the life you want. The Social Media Boot Camp presentation by Gini Dietrich was full of great tips for getting started in social media. We were not able to take any classes because we procrastinated too long and they were all full...note to self for future...avoid procrastination!

On the show floor we were treated to a great Designer Challenge; Crafty Couture. Designers created unique mixed media garments that were fun and wearable! Here are some photos of a few of my favorites. I apologize that I neglected to write down all of the designers names so if you know one I missed let me know so I can add it.

Numen Trace Power for Paper and Cloth

Numen Trace detail

Because of the bright lights in the convention center we couldn't see the effects of power on this paper and cloth creation. I will be interested to see where this goes in the future. Numen promises to electrify our craft. I will be following them for sure.

love this resin paper skirt

Faber Castell make and take

Faber Castell was on my must see list. I was able to experiment with their new products at their make and take. I brought home some of their new gelatos and the big brush Pitt Pens. I love my small brush Pitt Pens and these big brush markers are great! Easy to use and great colors. I can't wait to get down into the studio lab to play. Blue Twig studios will be carrying these soon!

Of course every booth had great ideas, creative samples and lots of demos to teach about their products. Deb and I left the show floor every day foot sore and with brains swimming in ideas. Now we just need time to implement!
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