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Crazy Big News!

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Out of the desert into the rain forest!


We have lived in Monument, CO since 1991. In the same house for those 29 years. Like many of you when COVID-19 hit we had some time to think about where we live, why we live here and ask is our life exactly how we want it to be?  Turned out the answer was: we are ready for a change. The little town of Monument has grown and we much prefer small town living. 

Upon reflection, the only things truly tying us to CO Springs and Monument other than friends and family was my position as of director of Textiles West. Well, Textiles West has closed,…a casualty of COVID. My husband can work from anywhere and he requested to be closer to fishing water.  It just so happens that our oldest son and his family are surrounded by water and fish so we are headed to Bremerton, WA! 

I get to live close to my grandkids!

My studio will be in my new house instead of down the road. So excited about that.

We will have room for visitors.

I will live in an area where I can actually garden again.

We will be in WA for Christmas. We are so excited but currently drowning in a sea of boxes and packing tape. 




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Textile Evolution On-Line shopping Closing on Dec 5.

Order your Stitch Meditation kits, Art and Thermofax screens before 

Dec 5, 2020

Stitch Meditation kits and Art make great gifts!


personalize a gift with Thermofax screens. 

As I pack I have been putting aside little bits of fun stuff to add to orders so you will get a little surprise in your order!


Shop will reopen in January. 


Of course online classes are always available and we  have added some great dye classes with Melanie Audet and Boro with Ruth Chandler. 

I almost forgot to add that when the shop re-opens I will be carrying WonderFil Perle Cotton and Rayon.






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