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French Knot Obsession

french knots close up

I have become obsessed with french knots these days. I love them! They seem to be finding their way into a lot of my work these days.This is a sneek peek of one of the projects for the new book on Thread (Spring 2010). Aren't they yummy? These were stitched with a hand dyed silk floss. I love using hand dyed threads and may have gottten a little carried away with the number of french knots on this piece. I just couldn't seem to stop.

Speaking of books...I hear the new Cloth Paper Scissors has a review of Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond. I  hear we got a thumbs up review but I don't have my copy yet and with the snow storm we are currently enjoying I may not get it today either. I am not so good at waiting! Hmmm...maybe some more french knots will keep me occupied!
Drawing Lessons
What a Blast!

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