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Jumping Back into Art


I have just sent in the final samples for my newest book about beading on fabric! I am excited that it is finished except for the dotting of the 'i's and crossing of the 't's. It will be making its debut at Quilt Market in Houston this October. When I am writing and creating a book I am a bit prone to hyper-focusing. Everything that is not 'beading' gets less of my attention. Beading took over my life. How fun is that? I especially loved the part where I took over the entire kitchen table because it was too chilly in my studio to bead for hours on end. The family is happy I am finished too!!


When I come out of that hyper-focus mode I have a difficult time transitioning back into my art that isn't beading. Somehow it seems easier to stick with the left brain tasks on my computer than head down to the studio to begin a new project.Fortunately my friend Jill Berry suggested a sketching date at the Denver Botanic Gardens! It is unusual for us to both be at home the same week so we were thrilled to easily find a day we could meet up.

The weather was perfect and the wave after wave of garden color was delicious. We were more than delighted to find an incredible installation in bamboo. Words are not adequate to describe the intricate weavings and sculptures created by artists Tetsunori Kawana and Stephen Talasnik. Jill and I sketched their amazing forms and wondered for hours soaking up their shapes.

I left the Botanic Gardens full of art inspiration and color excitement. I will be diving into the studio this weekend refreshed and ready to create. What do you do to get your creative mojo flowing?  

Jumping Back into Art
Neverending Spring

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