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Metal Play

Spring is a busy travel season for me and it seems like forever ago that I was in VA and taught my Metal Mesh Magic class at Artistic Artifacts. In fact it was exactly a month ago. We had so much fun with creating patterns on metal, using patinas, embossing an

d torching.

We made a bit of a mess everywhere as we learned how to transfer images and emboss. But what is creativity without a mess? We played with thin metal shim-colored and natural too.

We took full advantage of the amazing warehouse space to spread out our work as our patinas developed. It is much easier to work with Liver of Sulfur indoors when you have a really big space...not quite so stinky!

Most of the students had never used a torch before but once they tried it they were hooked! Many thanks to Carol Hamilton for allowing us to use her torches and for the safety lesson for everyone. Carol is an amazing jewelry artist. Check out her gallery.

I have a new piece that features metal mesh but it is for a special exhibit so I can't even give you a sneak peek yet. You will have to take my word that it is beautiful. :-) I am off to Barcelona Spain tomorrow to teach my three day intensive thread class, Stitch Journeys. When I get back I will catch you up on Art and Soul as well as my trip to Spain.

Neverending Spring
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