breckenridge in october

Can you imagine being able to spend the weekend with these views and work at the same time? I was heads down in Breckenridge stitching away to meet a deadline for the Threads: the basics and beyond book. Yeah, life is tough! I won't tell you that in addition to breathtaking views I  was also surrounded by great friends who kept me laughing and singing and made me get back to work when I got distracted for too long. They cooked for me too! I am a lucky girl. I did suffer a cut on my finger if that  generates any sympathy.

So often in life we get caught up in working, family responsibilities and the rush of everyday life and forget to take time to take care of ourselves, to take time to enjoy the sweet pleasures of lingering over morning coffee with friends and basking in glorious sunsets. We forget to savor the present, the now. Take time now to breathe and relish this minute. That is my new mantra.

I hope your weekend was just as wonderful as mine.

breckenridge sunset