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Renegade Dyer

I am not much of a dyer. I don’t measure or take notes, nothing I dye is ever reproducible. I do follow all safety rules but that is where order stops and chaos begins. I do have a lot of fun and try to remember my color mixing theory so I don’t end up with mud…but even when I forget I end up with some nice surprises.

Sunday was a perfect day for dyeing. No afternoon rain or much wind so I set my production table up outside in the shade and started flinging dye. I started using a brush to apply the dye but ended up mostly just pouring the dye on the fabrics…couldn’t find any basters. I only had a few pieces of wool, silk yarn, white silk organza and white silk chiffon so I raided my studio for anything silk. I found a bunch of silk dupioni remnants that a friend had given me and two silk blouses that were perfect for experimenting with. I have to say I didn’t even prewash the silk dupioni and since it was drapery fabric I didn’t think it would take the dye well but I threw it in the mix as any true dye renegade would and I am just delighted with the results!

Dyed silk Dupioni

The two shirts dyed up fabulously free material! One was a sage green sueded silk and the other was a peach shirt. Don’t you love the pockets!

Formerly peach blouse

Formerly sage green blouse

The chiffon turned out fabulous! Unfortunately, it is really hard to photograph well…the patterning is subtle on some and not so subtle on others.

Dyed Silk Chiffon

I love silk organza. I pressed most of this but left a little chunk un-pressed to remind me how cool it is all crinkled up. I used some un-pressed organza in one of the silk rod samples in Fabric Embellishing: the Basics and Beyond. It has such great texture and color play. These also didn’t photograph well but you can believe me they are awesome and actually just what I was aiming for color wise.

dyed silk organza

The wool took a lot of dye because it was already felted but it was the last thing I did so I just poured it on heavy.

hand dyed felted wool

I ended up with an incredible batch of clean-up paper towels too! I’ll show you what I did with some of those tomorrow as well as the silk yarn which has taken longer to dry.
And now for a little silk screening...
What's In a Name?

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