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Second 100 days Redux

Some might call it a failure...I call it a temporary life pause. 

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Right after I wrote about the first 100 day challenge and decided to add another 100 day challenge for myself the highest of high weed pollen season hit. We have had a very wet summer and had a bountiful crop of weeds. For most folks, this simply means sneezing, nose blowing and itchy eyes. Annoying but life goes on right? 

I have a mast cell disorder (MCAD for short). The A is for activation just in case you were wondering. This disorder is considered rare but I really just think it is very un-diagnosed. Testing has not been available for very long.

Basically, your mast cells are part of your immune system. They are found in every part of your body. Their job is to 'de-granulate' when there is a threat (real or not) and wipe it out by dumping a bunch of histamines into your system. The histamine takes down the offending invader.  This all works great when it works properly but when things got out of whack they release too much histamine at once or they release histamine all the time and chaos happens.

That is when anaphylactic shock can show up....or as in my case you just feel like you have been run over by a truck. In addition to the sneezing, nose blowing and itchy eyes I get achy joints, yucky guts, crazy fatigue, brain fog and yes sometimes crabby too! 

I have spent the last few weeks just getting done the things that must be done like prep for taping 3 sessions for Quilting Arts TV last week and getting ready to head to Virginia Beach, VA tomorrow to teach at Art and Soul.  I am letting everything else wait until we get some serious cold weather to kill those weeds!

It can be really easy to beat oneself up when setbacks happen. I used to try to push through any problem and get things done no matter what but, have learned that pushing through isn't always the best thing to do especially when healing is involved. 

Those of you who have asked about the Stitch Meditations they will be returning very soon (I really miss making them now) and I will also get back to drawing as well. It is getting better here and I could definitely tell the day the weed pollen count went from High to Moderate. 

Hope you don't mind as I cheer on the arrival of cold and snow! :-)

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