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Taking it Slow

I had a self decreed ‘slow weekend’.  My immune system is on hyper alert again so that means it is time for some self care and relaxation. I have a high tolerance for stress so my body has to take matters into its own hands when I don’t realize that I need a break. It can be frustrating to have my body rebel like that but if I wasn’t so dense and learned how to go a little slower it wouldn’t have to have such a radical defense system. Thank goodness my body is smarter than my brain!

ATCs Travel theme

Saturday was the monthly ATC meeting and this month’s theme was travel. I love my ATC group. Everyone always has a different take on the theme and there is always at least one person who really has the creative juices flowing and blows us away. I think I have told you all before but I will tell you again…having a small group like this is wonderful for a creativity jump start and it is fun to boot! We share techniques and stories, sometimes the stories behind the finished product are more inspiring than the art. It is easy to set up an ATC group. You just need a place to meet, a few guidelines and a few brave playful souls. Our guidelines are simple: we work primarily in fabric but paper is acceptable, we have a theme every other month with the off months being open and we are always kind to each other…no negative remarks. It is an open group so if you are in my area drop by and check us out.

Layers of grids

I did a little stitching on one of my printed fabrics from a week ago...some 'slow cloth'. I love combining hand and machine stitching to get layers of texture. I find both types of stitching to be therapeutic and calming...perfect for those times I am supposed to be relaxing but have the itch to do something with my hands. Anyone else have problems relaxing?  I have this compulsion to work all the time. I love what I do so that is part of the reason but I think the rest is just part of my personality…I have always been one to keep busy and the world if full of wonderful things to do.
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