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The Party's Over

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The Olympic Games have just begun but at this stitcher’s house the party is over! Threads: The Basics and Beyond is done! There is one last round of edits but the stitching game is over. It was a blast from start to finish and a game well played with thread from just about every manufacturer and every fiber we could find working their hearts out to create beautiful stitches for this great book. But the final whistle has blown and now I must face the horrendous task of putting away!

I am not a putting away kind of girl…not laundry, not groceries, maybe fabric, not thread! I just didn’t get the proper genes I guess. Putting away is a tedious chore…I would rather scrub the toilet. That is how I ended up with this huge table full of thread. Well, it was easier to find the right threads when they were spread out instead of in drawers or so my reasoning went. Sigh…I will just have to do it bit by bit.

thread storage small

Students always ask how I store my thread which is a great question because as you may imagine, I have a lot of thread and I also live in a very dry and dusty climate. We can’t leave thread out on racks in Colorado. I have found these 12”x12” storage drawers to be the best for me since they fit on the shelves directly behind my machine.  I know a lot of stitchers sort their thread by color but I seem to be a bit backward that way. I sort by a three tier system: weight, then fiber content then color. I tend to think about thread weight first then fiber and color is last. I use my fabulous label maker to mark the drawer contents and keep my bobbins in keepers also sorted by weight.  I would love to find a drawer system that fits the taller spools upright so I could fit more spools in a smaller space…if you know of one let me know! Maybe I should invite some friends over for a thread putting away party! Wanna come? I'll make snacks!
Poor Nameless Piece

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Saturday, 30 May 2020
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