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Walk With Me

Red White and Blue
Red, White and Blue Colorado Style

It seems we were about 15 minutes too late to see the bear. Not that I am complaining but it would have been fun to share a photo of a bear with you all! A couple of times a year I take my camera along on my walk and take photos of whatever catches my fancy. These photos become inspiration for art either as images, texture or line. I thought I would share my walk with you so you can see what inspires me and get a feeling for the area I am lucky to live in. Coloradois incredibly beautiful although sometimes you have to look a little more closely to see the beauty…we are a high plains desert after all. Generally our wildflowers are not showy. If you look carefully at the photo above you can see a tiny bit of red wildflower peeking around the penstemon. I thought this was a cheerful July 4th arrangement by mother nature. However, the wind was blowing so it was difficult to get the red flowers. I put the images in the order that I took them so you would feel like you were on my walk with me!

Barbed wire coiled around a fence post.

Wild Geraniums.

Just one of the views on my walk.

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Scrub Oak skeleton branches. The past couple of winters have been hard on the scrub oak.

Wild sunflowers

Our destination-The Rock.

Wonder what this bush is.

Duke cools down in the pond--this is where the bear was about 15 minutes before we got there.

A closer view of the is big!

Looking up from the base

Mariposa Lily. What a great structure

Interesting for use in collages and journals.

More coiled barbed wire. This is surrounding the Hot Shots Helipad.

Helicopter at the Hot Shots Helipad

tree bark what great texture and lines

Tree rows. This area was once used by the CCC as a tree farm so we have a lot of pines growing in rows. I love the lines.

I have tons of grass photos because I love them. I can be mesmerized watching them blow in the wind. These are about 3' high.

I have a lot of lichen and moss photos also. I love the different colors and textures.

A poppy on the way out...literally on the way out of the trail and almost done with its life. Still beautiful though. I love the seed pods.

Wild Rose in the parking lot.

I started thinking about all the different areas of the world people live in. Sometimes we neglect our immediate surroundings for inspiration and think things like: If only I lived in France or could visit India, then I would have lots of inspiration. Or, If only I lived in the city/country then I would have an inspiring environment. I am sure people in France or who have visited India fill in the sentence with their own versions. It is easy to think that inspiration comes only with exotic locals. Truth is that inspiration surrounds us wherever we live.

All this got me thinking about a cooperative inspiration exercise! Take your camera on a walk and snap photos of anything that catches your fancy. Post them on your blog or flicker acct. Then, e-mail me the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will post the links so we can all be inspired.

Roll out the Red Carpet!
Be Brave

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