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Weekends and Winners

I used a random number generator to determine the winner of my Spring Market Goodie Bag and it is.....

Janice Novachcoff

Cheers and Confetti for Janice!!! I will get this luscious pack of goodies in a box for you today. Send me a photo of what you create with these treasures to share with everyone!

Breckenridge in the Spring

I just returned home from another fabulous weekend in Breckenridge with my quilt group. I am so fortunate to be friends with this wonderful, diverse group of women. Our art runs from traditional to experimental, our politics, religious views and music tastes are incredibly varied. Our love of great food, wine, laughter, fabric and stitch brings us together. I hope you have a group to share laughter and fabric with….if you don’t then I encourage you to start one.

Breckenridge Foxes

Entertainment over the weekend was provided by a fox family; mom, pop and 4 kits. They were out to frolic mornings and evenings while mom kept a close eye on them. It was hard to get good photos because we were pretty far away and they wouldn't cooperate with cute poses or even stay still for very long. I have lots of photos of reddish grey blurs.

Zakary's new quilt

I used my work time to finish a quilt for my new grandson, Zakary. I hadn’t made a real quilt in a while so it was a huge surprise when it came out the right size and was perfectly squared up. I opted for a simple pattern and quilting design because this quilt is for using not saving. I used a cute jungle animal print as the centers of the blocks and built them up with strips in a modified log cabin style. The brown is some of Susan Brooks luscious hand dyed fabrics.

The next few days will be unpacking from my workshop last week and re-packing and making kits for my classes in VA at Artistic Artifacts next week. The studios are a disaster! (as well as the house but we won’t go there) I could use a couple clean up fairies.
Be Brave
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