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Biospheres and Babies


Last week was a busy week. I was in Tucson for a mini family reunion with my mom and two aunts. We had a great time exploring the flora and fauna of Tucson and visited Biosphere 2. You may remember the experiments in the early 1990s where scientists were sealed inside as an experiment in sustainability. Biosphere 2 is an amazing giant greenhouse and it covers over 3 acres but I can’t imagine living in there for a year or more with no outside air or food. The structure is full of incredible grids which I took about a zillion photos of and houses a rainforest, ocean, desert, savannah and wetlands. Biosphere 2 is now operated by the University of Arizona and is used for numerous experiments. The variety of plants is amazing and of course I took a bunch of photos but the cattails one is my favorite. It is worth the visit but be sure to wear your walking shoes. Biosphere 2 makes one pause and wonder at the incredible diversity and beauty of Biosphere 1 which we inhabit.

biosphere grid_edited-1

biosphere cattails

On our Friday morning hike I got the phone call that my grandson Baby Z had arrived…I could hear him crying all they way across the country! Gotta love technology! Within an hour I had a photo of the precious package to share with Great Grandma and Great Aunts. He is healthy but his big brother said he is noisy! Look at how proud K-Man is of his Baby Z. I won't get to see them for a very long month! I had to restrain myself from asking the moms of the newborns on my flight home if I could smell their sweet babies. They probably wouldn't have understood.

k-man and baby z_edited-1
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