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It seems that whenever I leave town I get behind in work and the to do list in a way that doesn't seem to correlate with the number of days I was gone. Does that ever happen to you? I even worked in the car on the long drive and missed the wind farm, one of the few visual highlights between my house and my Mom's. We finally made it to Carlsbad Caverns on this trip to NM. It has taken a long time to cross this off our list. Somehow after the 9 hour drive we just can't face getting in the car for another 3+ hours. We set out with determination the day after Thanksgiving and were rewarded with a fabulous experience with hardly any other tourists around. Carlsbad is so huge it defies description. It is amazing. It is hard to imagine that this desert was once a huge sea. I would love to see the bats coming out at dusk but they are already vacationing in Mexico at this time of year. We were also impressed by the huge population of Prickly Pear plants. I bet it is beautiful when they are in bloom. We didn't have time to explore more of the area and would like to go back for a longer visit one day. Desert environments are so beautiful but one needs to spend time immersed in them to really appreciate their beauty.

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watercolor jar

I am still at those drawing lessons but find taking the time to practice is difficult. I find that when I do get started though I get lost in the work and really love looking at the light and shadow. This is my first attempt at clear objects with watercolor. It actually looks like the jar I was sketching  . It sounds silly to say but I was exhausted after this lesson! Seeing is hard work. I can see progress even with my lack of diligent practicing. I wonder how I would move forward if I actually did practice! Do you have any ideas for getting in that daily practice? Please share!
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