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I just got my advance issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Spring 2010 and I am so excited! This is an incredible issue and I would say that even if my studio and office chair makeover weren't to be found inside the fabulous black and white cover. There are so many studios for inspiration...from simple to sublime! I am so intrigued by the unique ways artists find to store their art fodder. I love the outdoor studio space that Josie Rodriguez has...hmmm there is that big space under the deck just outside my studio door. I am totally lusting after Leo Sewell's plethora of vintage cabinets...all those tiny drawers to sort my stuff.  They would probably not work well for me because I am forever leaving cupboard doors and drawers open but they look so cool! I could blather on but you will want to pick up this issue for yourself.

I am happy to report that my big mama computer just got back from the hospital. I have been using an old school curved front monitor and really missing my the flat screen. Baby computer is tired of all these extra cables plugged in and wants a nap. Thanks for all the wishes for a speedy recovery!
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