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Art and Gardens

From Nature's Studio Textiles by Regina Benson

I can't think of a better way to spend a summer evening than my adventure last night. I attended Regina Benson's opening reception at the Denver Botanical Gardens with some friends! Regina's show is have until Oct. 3rd to see it. The show is in the Gates Garden Court Gallery. The walls of this gallery are cement and Regina’s work shows beautifully against them…a study in contrast and unity.

Regina Benson's art in Gates Garden Court

For you local folks, Regina is giving a gallery talk on Sept 9th and a workshop on Sept 18th. Check the DBG website for details. Her workshop will be about her fascinating technique for embossing fabric with natural materials. August 25th is the next free day at the DBG. After seeing the show we spent a lovely evening strolling in the gardens. There is also an exhibit of Henry Moore’s sculptures on display. They are immense works of art and often best viewed at a distance. I have to say I enjoyed his figurative work more than the abstract pieces which is a reverse viewpoint for me.

Henry Moore at Denver Botanical Gardens

My favorite Henry Moore sculpture

I was delighted to see some great improvements at the Botanic Gardens. I haven’t been to the there in a few years…once the pocket gophers set up their stronghold I lost heart in the battle for rule over the garden. I am a bit heartened this year since we have a red tail hawk that likes to hunt in our neighborhood and the rain has kept the ground moist so they tend to stick to their field rather than my garden. The photos I took at the garden are so inspiring that I am tempted to put on my battle gear, gather my scythe and hack my way through the weeds to wrest control from the little buggers…or maybe I will get a tall glass of ice tea and read a gardening book on the deck.


succulent forms

Who knew watermelon vine was so beautiful?


Rudbeckias always make me smile

rock garden succulents...what great texture

silver ghostly looking

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