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Liz Kettle Artist, Author and Creator of the Stitch Meditation process

Stitch Journeys

Exploring life with needle and thread.

Exploring Oregon

In between teaching classes at Art and Soul my husband and I explored Portland and even got to the coast one day. We spent one wonderful afternoon at the Hoyt Arboretum. This huge tree museum is located right off the train line and very close to down town. We were amazed at the wide variety of trees from all over the world. We only had a few hours so we barely made a dent in the number of trails to explore.  We have tall trees in Colorado but nothing like these! Some of the oldest trees in Colorado are actually scrawny because the growing conditions are so rugged.

Big Spruce on Meares Cape

This spruce tree is 15feet in diameter...impossible to imagine how huge it is! I  look like a little kid...ok, not that I am all that tall but I am 5'4".

Octopus tree Meares Park

I love trees in case you didn't get the idea already! Given the choice to explore the city or the country I will pick country every time.

huge sand dunes and pines

I am accustomed to massive sand dunes. We have them in Colorado and I regularly visit White Sands in NM. These however are different because the dunes are nestled among the pine trees...a bit surreal...they look more like ski runs. My son informed me that most sand is made up of gypsum. Colorado sand is quartz...this is why our windshields get so pitted during the winter.

The Pacific

Towards the end of our cape tour I did actually get my toes into the sand and was dang cold! I have a huge inventory of great tree, leaf and nature photos from the trip. I can't wait to grab some art time and create a journal about this trip.
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