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Angels In My Studio 2013

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I am thrilled to announce that I am a participating teacher for this year's Angels in My Studio on-line workshop Series!

This workshop is about

cultivating your creativity

connecting with your intuitive core

nurturing your inner artist

learning mixed media art techniques

having fun and playing

Guess what else? I have a spot to give away in the class ~ details below!

This amazing 5 month workshop series is being taught by 11 talented mixed media artists. Just look at this line-up! 

Tamara LaPorte -- Healing mixed-media inner guardian angel

Chris Zydel -- Something super magical is in the works, guaranteed.

Havi Mandell -- Deeply meaningful Angel Book

Cheryl Irwin -- High vibe Angel/Goddess Mandala and Intuitive Spirit painting

Claudia Olivos -- Glorious angel painting on a large canvas

Kristen Powers -- Brilliant Al fresco angel painting (and a carved rubber stamp mini-lesson)

Liz Kettle -- Powerful protective talisman for you to carry/wear

Melissa Muirhead -- Sweet, sweet angel pendant on a Scrabble tile!

Rachel Payne -- Playful, free-form, intuitive Spirit Doll

Justine Van De Weg -- Magical Fairy painting

Galia Alena -- Profound, Sacred Art journaling

Why Angels? I think that Sheri Ponzi who is the creator of this course says it best

"I realize that it doesn’t really matter if angels are “real” -- what matters is the very real experience of clarity, ease, calmness and support we feel once we invite in the possibility.

When you allow the possibility of angel magic into your life, everything shifts. Everything.

When you allow the possibility of creative play into your life, everything shifts. Everything."

My class is all about trusting your intuition. We are going to create a really cool talisman to wear. I am so excited about this project!

You can learn all the details about the workshop, teachers, projects and register on the main Angels in My Studio web site. If you find out about the class from me please use the link here to register so we know where students found us as this is how we are paid.

Ok, so on with the giveaway! You will have to leave a comment to enter of course. Tell me which of the lessons you think is most out of your comfort zone and will help you stretch your creative and intuitive muscles. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner on Sunday June 2.

Stitch Happy!


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Taking responsibility!

Is this a riot or what? Tico took my Bodacious Beading class on line at FAMM. I accept full responsibility for creating yet another bead addict!

The new round of classes are posted on FAMM and there are more teachers this quarter. Head on over to check out the great line up of classes that you can take in your PJs...I love on-line classes! I am not teaching Bodacious Beading this quarter will have to wait until the new year. But, I am teaching my fantastic According to You class! I love this class and it is everything I wish I had known when I first started working with collage. The timing is great too because these mixed media memory books make awesome holiday presents. You don't have to make a book in the class, you can make a wall hanging if you prefer.

Tea Ceremony

I have been catching up with sleep, chores and some fun projects since the retreat. This collage is one of my fun projects. I love this image. There are a variety of mixed media techniques in this piece. I really enjoyed it's creation...especially all the hand work. Hand stitching is so relaxing for me. I never get tired of collage. Isn't that hand dyed paisley fabric great? Another one of my treasures from Artist Artifacts. Judy, the brilliant talent behind Artistic Artifacts, creates the most luscious hand dyed fabrics. I tried my hand at some low water immersion hand dyeing this weekend with some great and some not so great results. I will have some photos later...I am still rinsing out fabric. Judy certainly doesn't have to worry about fewer sales from me stuff isn't any where as good as hers. Practice certainly makes for more beautiful dyed fabric. Plus hand dyeing is a LOT of work. I was exhausted!
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