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Clutter Wars

My friend Lisa Call wrote a great blog post the other day about clutter. Specifically she wrote about the cost of clutter. The cost in time lost managing the clutter. This got me thinking about my clutter status. Have I made any progress controlling the chaos or am I just making excuses, creating justifications and reasons? Going totally naked here folks...

Creating Art Creates Clutter

My art creates a lot of clutter. It can't be helped when you work in collage. I am sorta kind organized in the studio. The tables are cleared off except for current projects and things are mostly put back in their places. I go through fabric, mixed media stash and tools at least once a year and pass on that which doesn't serve me anymore. I use a lot of it in classes so there is a lot of turnover. That clutter is at it's manageable best. Not great but not drowning me either and I can find what I am looking for quickly. My studio may never be clutter free but in the rest of the house I have been eliminating clutter over the last year. I have conquered most of the kid clutter now that 2 of them are out of the house and off creating their own clutter. I have gotten rid of books that were just collecting dust, clothes that don't fit, misc. stuff that was just collecting dust. Pretty good here too. My desk is a bit cluttered but I have made great progress in this arena over the last couple years. I am a visual organizer so I will always have papers and notes on my desk but I do clear it down to wood about once a month.  I was thinking just how great a job I was doing patting myself on the back and pulling out the gold stars when I thought about my computer. There it was smirking at me...that sneaky time stealing clutter.

Facing Reality

My in-box and Outlook files are a hellacious mess. Let's not even get started on my document files, photo files or my desktop (yikes!). I keep saying I will get to that but I never seem to get caught up. Seriously that has been on my list for over 2 years! I have 3 different e-mail accounts to keep up with. I know I have well over 1000 e-mails (maybe even 1500 ok, ok, 2000+) that need to be dealt with: filed or deleted. I waste time trying to find a specific e-mail. I lose important ones that need replies or follow up. That's really bad right?

The Challenge

So, I am embarking on a 30 day computer clean up! Anyone want to come play with me? Beginning today (I know September 1 would be a better start date but I better not put it off one more day!) I will spend 30-60 minutes focused specifically on computer clutter each and every day. I will keep you posted on my progress each week. If you have any great tips please leave a comment. I need all the help I can get!

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