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Posted by on in Creative Endeavors
Stitch Meditations


This video has been in the works for a few months. It is a bit long but I hope you will be inspired to create your own Stitch Meditation practice. 

You can find the ones I have available for sale in the online store here or you can see them as I post them and claim it right away! 


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Posted by on in Creative Endeavors

stitch sample CG

I recently had the pleasure of creating a podcast with Mark Lipinski of the Slow Stitching Movement. Ruth Chandler and I ran into Mark on the sidewalk at the end of quilt market in November. Practically the first words out of my mouth were "I am so mad at you for coining the term 'Slow Stitching Movement' before we could!" 

We spent the next 40 minutes taking up precious sidewalk space as the throngs left the convention center but we hardly noticed the annoyed looks because we were deep in conversation about a topic we are all passionate about: Slow Stitching!

Mark has create a great website for the Slow Stitching Movement to call home and you can find interesting blog posts as well as podcasts by your favorite stitchers!

Listen to my podcast.

Listen to Ruth's podcast.

stitch meditation3

Do you want to learn more about slow stitching? Join me in Portland OR March 8, 2015 for my class Stitch Meditations

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Posted by on in Self Care Whenever

Some might call it a failure...I call it a temporary life pause. 

stitch meditation4

Right after I wrote about the first 100 day challenge and decided to add another 100 day challenge for myself the highest of high weed pollen season hit. We have had a very wet summer and had a bountiful crop of weeds. For most folks, this simply means sneezing, nose blowing and itchy eyes. Annoying but life goes on right? 

I have a mast cell disorder (MCAD for short). The A is for activation just in case you were wondering. This disorder is considered rare but I really just think it is very un-diagnosed. Testing has not been available for very long.

Basically, your mast cells are part of your immune system. They are found in every part of your body. Their job is to 'de-granulate' when there is a threat (real or not) and wipe it out by dumping a bunch of histamines into your system. The histamine takes down the offending invader.  This all works great when it works properly but when things got out of whack they release too much histamine at once or they release histamine all the time and chaos happens.

That is when anaphylactic shock can show up....or as in my case you just feel like you have been run over by a truck. In addition to the sneezing, nose blowing and itchy eyes I get achy joints, yucky guts, crazy fatigue, brain fog and yes sometimes crabby too! 

I have spent the last few weeks just getting done the things that must be done like prep for taping 3 sessions for Quilting Arts TV last week and getting ready to head to Virginia Beach, VA tomorrow to teach at Art and Soul.  I am letting everything else wait until we get some serious cold weather to kill those weeds!

It can be really easy to beat oneself up when setbacks happen. I used to try to push through any problem and get things done no matter what but, have learned that pushing through isn't always the best thing to do especially when healing is involved. 

Those of you who have asked about the Stitch Meditations they will be returning very soon (I really miss making them now) and I will also get back to drawing as well. It is getting better here and I could definitely tell the day the weed pollen count went from High to Moderate. 

Hope you don't mind as I cheer on the arrival of cold and snow! :-)

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

stitch meditation1

Today is day 100 of my friend Deb Prewitt's 100 Days to 100% challenge! I took on the challenge of doing a stitch meditation every day. If you have been following along you know I didn't stitch every day and have not achieved my 100% goal.  I did make great progress towards my goal of taking time to slow down and stitch or just be every day.

The progress is what is important more than the 100%. 

I pushed through some layers of excuses along the way. 

stitch meditation3

I discovered ways around some stumbling blocks like not having everything ready to go ahead of time. I created a stitch basket and box that have lots of bits and leftovers that I find when I clean my studio up. Now, I have lots of ingredients for my daily stitch at hand so I can just sit down and grab some things and stitch.

I did not beat myself up when I didn't meet the daily challenge. Life is about flexibility and forgiveness.

stitch meditation

I did fall in love with the process of stitching small bits of things together. When I am not able to make the time to stitch I miss it! That means I am well on the way to making my stitch meditation practice a non-negotiable in my life. 

On some of the days that I couldn't stitch I did use a traditional guided meditation. Yay for me!

Tomorrow starts another 100 days. I will continue my stitch meditations and will add another challenge to myself. 

stitch meditation4

I think my new challenge will be a daily sketch. That will be challenging for me. Actually trying to do something every day in and day the real challenge. :-)

Want to play along? What will you challenge yourself to do during the next 100 days? Eat better, walk more, create something, love more? 

Leave a comment and share your goals.

Use the hastag #100daysto100% in your social media posts so we can cheer you on too.


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Posted by on in Self Care Whenever


daily stitch meditation


I have been getting some questions about  my daily stitch meditations so, I thought I would explain what I am doing, why I am doing and invite you to join me. I post them on my Facebook page,  PinterestInstagram , Tumblr,  and Twitter! I use the following hashtags: #100daysto100%, #tantalizingtextilewishes and #stitchmeditation 


My word for the year is Intention. I want to improve my meditation and mindfullness skills as well as focus on working more strategically in my business. I occasionally practice traditional meditation and while I find it fulfilling,I have discovered that I like a  meditation that involves keeping my hands busy while I let my mind clear. My goal is to use both types of meditation daily. It will take me a while to build up to that. 

daily stitch meditation

My friend, Deb Prewitt, wrote a blog post about 100 Days to 100% that resonated with me. I had been thinking about a new class based on small hand stitched textile collages and my intention to do something creative daily as well as increase my meditation skills. Thus, the Daily Stitch Meditations were born.

daily stitch meditation

I don't always finish a piece in one day and I don't always stitch every day. This last week was crazy busy and I realized that while I had time to stitch I didn't have enough time to figure out what to stitch on. In order to avoid that in the future I created a Daily Stitch Kit with lots of odds and ends of fabrics, stabilizers, thread, papers...weird bits that I find in the studio when I clean up. Now, I have everything in a basket ready to go.


I invite you to stitch with me. It is relaxing, fun and you create a pile of beautiful bits to add to your work or frame. There are no rules! just stitch something. I usually stitch for about 20 minutes...some days less, some more. My stitch meditations range from ATC size (2.5" x3.5") to 4" x 4" but some are a little bigger.  If you decide to stitch along use the hashtag #stitchmeditation so we can find them too!


 daily stitch meditation


I will be teaching these techniques and more in my class Tantalizing Textile wishes at Art and Soul in Portland OR 2015 .



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