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Roll out the Red Carpet!

Quilting Arts TV Series 600

Ok, so maybe my TV debut doesn't warrent the red carpet but I am terribly excited to be here! I want to thank my mother, my grandparents, my brother....Oh, Sorry! Got a little carried away...

I just received my copy of the Quilting Arts TV Series 600 and am happy to say that I don't sound like an idiot! I still can't get used to my face with make-up and my nails without paint and ink stains but I think my episode (604) turned out great.  Pokey Bolton is an amazing host and so talented too. Being on Quilting Arts with her was such a great experience. She made it so easy to ignore the cameras and just explain the technique I was demonstrating (Free Form Embroidery). I have only had time to watch a couple of the other episodes but I can tell you that this is a great series! I share the series with Jane Dunnewold, Mary Hetmansperger, Susie Monday, Terry Grant, Kathy Mack, Luana Rubin, Lindsay Mason, Andrea Bishop, Karen Fricke and more talented artists! You can order the entire series on DVD from Quilting Arts.

For those of you in the Monument/Colorado Springs area it will air on KRMA and KRSC on Sat Aug. 7 at 8am. Check out the Quilting Arts TV site for shows and times in your area.
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