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Wabi-Sabi Tarts

How about a chance to win this amazing piece of art by Serena Barton? Details at the bottom!


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My friend Serena Barton has a new book out that you are going to LOVE! It is titled: Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop and it is full of fun mixed media techniques that embody the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi or embracing imperfection.


I decided to put one of the exercises in the book to the test by trying it out on my Tuesday Tarts group. We are a bunch of textile based mixed media artist who meet once a month to try out a new technique. This month was my turn to teach so I picked one of the projects in Serena's book: Acrylic Paint and Re-Inkers (page 28). We ended up with a larger than normal group because it is summer so I had to stand on a chair to be seen and heard. It was pretty funny.

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Of course finding the exact same re-inkers Serena used proved to be a problem but we went with the assortment we had. I did experiment with the Adirondack Color Mists and they worked well although the color may be slightly less intense. This group is good with going with the flow. Actually, they are excellent at just playing and not worrying about the final product!  One member experimented with using alcohol inks and we had a lot of different brands of re-inkers. The re-inkers are available on-line if you don't have a store near you that sells them.


Here is the series of photos I took as we worked through Serena's excellent step by step instructions. I had created a sample but just read the directions to everyone as we went along. We only spent a little over an hour on these and everyone created a great piece and had a lot of fun just playing.


IMG 5538


Look how clean and neat it is...didn't stay that way long.


IMG 5540


IMG 5541


At this point paint was flinging and I had to get out a bull horn to be heard over the chatter and laughter!


IMG 5542


IMG 5545


IMG 5548


IMG 5550

The layers and depth we were able to get using Serena's techniques is great...though hard to tell in the group photo. There is a lot to explore in this book and everyone in the group loved the possibilities between the covers.


I am just one stop on the blog hop so you will want to check out these other blogs for their projects and interviews. Jill Berry has a book to give away and is drawing on June 10.


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Now to enter to win the beautiful piece of Serena's you need to go visit her new wabi sabi art workshop blog. Leave a comment to enter. She is drawing on June 8. If you win you might want to remember that my birthday is on the 16th! :-)


Last little goodie! You can find Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop on-line and at book stores but Serena has a special offer!!


You can order a signed copy from Serena with a bonus of a little packet of collage materials for your own wabi-sabi work. Use the Paypal button under the book listing on her Classes page. Shipping in the continental US is 4.00. and from.
To purchase the book from Serena:

Now, go make something!
















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