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Liz Kettle Artist, Author and Creator of the Stitch Meditation process

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Thermofax screens are similar to a traditional silk screen but easier to manage and store. You can use these Thermofax screens to print unique paper, fabric, clothing, home décor and more.

You can screen print with acrylic paint, textile paint, screen print paint, discharge pastes, gel mediums and glue.

Check out just how easy it is with this short video:

Thermafax Screen Printing Tutorial

Cost :

The sizes for each thermafax screen is different but can be categorized as Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.  So, depending on the detail in the screen and length versus width each screen will sometimes have a different size representing the Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.  Some screen will only be available in a few sizes because, for example, a large intricate screen can only be printed in large.

How To:

Your Thermofax screen will arrive ready to go with a standard duct tape frame to protect the edges.

Spread paint across the top edge of the screen.
Use a small squeegee or a plastic scraper such as an expired plastic gift card.
Hold the screen down at the top edge. Pull the paint down the screen using a medium pressure. If you press too hard the design will be smudgy. If you don’t press hard enough you will have bare areas. Only pull the paint in one direction.

You can make multiple pulls as long as it is in the same direction as the first pull. A back and forth motion will cause smudged prints. Too many pulls can cause a smudged print. A little practice and you will have perfect prints!


Each screen can be used for hundreds of prints as long as the paint doesn’t dry in the screen. This can happen in an instant in hot weather. I suggest that you keep a pan of rinse water near where you are working. Cleaning the screens is as simple as running them under water. Dry with a soft cloth. When dry you can stack them on top of each other.

The screens are created with a thermofax screen imager. These machines predate copiers and are hard to find.

Copyright info

Use my imagery in your own artwork without any limitations. I, Liz Kettle, retain the full copyright to both modified versions of public domain imagery and my personal imagery. Please do not sell the image or use it to create production products such as stencils, stamps, digital brushes or any other mass produced usage for profit. Contact me for licensing.

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