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 Textile Evolution

Liz Kettle Artist, Author and Creator of the Stitch Meditation process

Water Soluble Paper for Image Transfer


Create the look of vintage image transfers using water soluble paper and matte medium. 

One of the frustrations of image transfer techniques is the propensity of manufacturers to ‘improve’ their products to retain the ink making it difficult for those of us who want to transfer the ink to another surface. 

If you share this frustration, you can imagine my excitement when a friend and I were discussing some of her innovative surface techniques using water soluble paper stabilizer meant for foundation piecing and embroidery. The gears in my brain started turning and in a true light bulb moment I found a new way to transfer inkjet printed images to fabric or paper. Best of all, this product probably won’t be ‘improved’.


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5 pack Water Soluble Paper 5 papers $5.00 each
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10 pack Water Soluble Paper 10 papers $10.00 each
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