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Thread Play

Do you love to sew but constantly find yourself in a battle with your sewing machine?

Just what is the deal with tension anyway?

Have you purchased those beautiful rayon and sparkly threads but find them frustrating to use?

Are you confused about which threads to use when?  And what about those needles??

Threads 101 is the class every seamstress, quilter and crafter needs to develop superpower stitch skills and rule over their sewing kingdoms. You will be Queen of your Machine!

We begin with a review of the need to know but, maybe never learned them all, basics of thread, needles, stabilizers, fusible webs, and sewing machine tension. Then we take what we know and start to break the rules a little: sewing with our tension a wee bit off for fun effects, putting heavy threads in the bobbin, exploring how many ways we can appliqué and getting creative with edge finishes.

We will work small on sample ‘pages’ so you can experiment and play with techniques without a huge investment in materials. You should be able to find most of what you need in your stash already. My book, Threads: the Basics and Beyond is recommended but not required.

Are you ready to become Queen of your Machine? 

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Mixed Media Textile Arts

     I love mixing up my media!!  Fabric + Paint + Paper + Metal + whatever else I can imagine = a fantastic time! If you are looking for classes in Mixed Media techniques, collage and more this is the place. 
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Free Tutorials

In this section you will find tutorials for fun and functional projects and a few techniques that will get your creative juices flowing. You have to register on the site and log in to access the tutorials.