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Mixed Media Textile Arts

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I love mixing up my media!! 

Fabric + Paint + Paper + Metal + whatever else I can imagine = a fantastic time!

If you are looking for classes in Mixed Media techniques, collage and more this is the place. 

Courses in this category:

$ 49.00

Layering is the magical component that brings a collage to life, adds depth, emotion and allows it to tell our story. However, layering does not always come easily. In this class we will explore the concepts of layering: both visual layers and physical layers. We will have a crash course in collage design and composition with a focus on exactly what makes a great collage.

There are so many exciting techniques to use in mixed-media collages and we will learn and play with quite a few. Techniques will include but not necessarily be limited to, image transfer and direct printing to various substrates, surface design using paint, stamps, pencils and markers, ideas for transparent layers, stitch layers, incorporating paper, lutradur and metal in your work, various beading and a plethora of embellishing techniques.

This class is textile based and will include stitching but artists in all mediums are welcome to play, explore and create with us.

$ 19.99

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Nothing compares to the lustrous color and feel of silk. In this class, we will create silk paper that is also a fabric! We use luscious hand dyed silk hankies, roving and carrier rods.  A wet laminating process allows us to layer fibers to create beautiful ethereal fabrics for embellishment as well as thicker fabric suitable for substrates and vessels. 

$ 50.00

Boro is the Japanese word for tattered rags. From the 1600’s and even into the early 1900’s the Japanese farmers of the northern region of Honshu used this technique to repair and patch their clothes. Originally made from hemp the farmers were gradually able to get their hands on bits of cotton and finally silk. Every little scrap was precious and washed and saved until it was used to give their clothes longevity. These items of clothing were so used and worn and yet have such strength that you can’t help but admire them.

So gather up your bits of worn and beautiful fabric and let’s create a wall hanging that will speak of carefully preserved memories. A time when fabric was precious and hard to find and every little bit was worth saving.

the fabric suggestions below are for a traditional Japanese look, you may of course use any fabrics you have on hand.

Ruth has a kit that you can purchase here.

Supply List-
·2- 20x26 pieces of indigo fabric
·1-20x26 piece of cotton